Recovery Healing Aftercare – Soothes The Pain & Itch




  • Powerful Pain & Itch Relief Provides Hours & Hours Of Relief
  • Deep Penetrating Formula Delivers Soothing Healing Ingredients Exactly Where They Are Needed
  • Safe, Healthy, Organic Ingredients Outperforms The Competition, And Heal In Half The Time!
  • Relaxing Tropical Scent That is Pleasant And Delightful!
  • Smooth Sexy Shine That Protects Artwork, & Makes It Pop From Day One!

When It comes to numbing, Numbify is well known for its 100% commitment to numbing power. We take the same approach to aftercare! Recovery is specially formulated after years of research, trial and error, to hit every one of the 4 things you look for in an aftercare product, with that same level of unbridled POWER!

  1. Healing Power – Recovery is unmatched in its ability to deliver the healthiest, organic healing ingredients exactly where they are needed, to boost your bodies natural defense system, to fight infection, and greatly speed up recovery time!
  2. Itch Relief – The number 1 risk to a tattoo is infection caused by scratching. Recovery soothes the irritating itch, and provides hours of relief for a pleasant and relaxing recovery!
  3. Pain Relief – The first few days after a tattoo or other procedure can be extremely painful. Recovery eases that pain right away, letting you get back to work, or school right away, wondering if you even had a tattoo that morning!
  4. Artwork Safe – Recovery’s commitment to natural healing provides safe healthy organic oils that you never have to wonder if they will ruin your artwork!

Available individually, or in a counter display pack for 20% off complete with a free display box to boost your shops profits

Tattoo Aftercare – after care tattoo healing  pain itch. 

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Small – 1 Ounce, Medium – 2 Ounce, Large -4 Ounce, Giant – 8 Ounce

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Single/Individual Unit, Counter Display Pack


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