4% Numbify Liquid Gel




  • Our deep penetrating formula delivers powerful lidocaine and healthy natural ingredients where they need be for optimal numbing power!
  • Stronger Numbing – We are always looking for ways to improve our products, to deliver that lidocaine in the most effective manner possible. Our lidocaine products are FDA compliant.
  • Natural Ingredients – To create the best product, you gotta have the best ingredients. That’s why whenever possible we choose natural ingredients. It goes against our core values to use cheap synthetic filler ingredients that can irritate the skin and limit effectiveness.
  • Low Cost Pricing – It is our commitment to keep our prices as low as we can. One Example of How We Keep Our Prices Low: We do not buy, accept, or even want fake online reviews, unlike some of our less trustworthy competitors.
  • Powerful pain relieving formula specialty designed to relieve topical pain for general pain and itch relief use. Our customers use our products for tattoos, hair removal, shots, bedsores, hemorrhoids, and much much more

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

Numbify Strong Numbing! We believe our formula provides the most effective lidocaine numbing experience available with 4% lidocaine. Numbifys superior effectiveness is due to our devoted effort to infuse our products with the best, & healthiest natural ingredients. Natural ingredients make up a large percentage of our products. Many of our customers prefer our more natural formula as it does not affect the texture of the skin during tattooing, or hair removal, like many other products do.

Our strong numbing products are not only as natural as possible, but are also affordably priced. We believe it is our responsibility to keep prices low. One example of how we keep this commitment is that we never buy fake product reviews. We believe that not only is this wrong, but question how you can trust pharmaceutical companies that use their customers money to buy deceptive advertising. That’s why we champion the effort to bring integrity back to our industry, so you the shopper can make better decisions, because you have accurate information.

Because of the proliferation of fake reviews in our industry, we started the “Strongest Numbing Challenge” We invite all lidocaine product manufacturers to challenge us in 3rd party blind side by side testing, the winner given the title of Strongest Numbing Agent, & an article published in the news.

That’s why when you purchase a Numbify product you know that not only are you getting strong low cost medication made with the best natural ingredients, but that it’s coming from a seller who actually cares about your best interests. Our 4% formula is FDA compliant.

For Best Results:

Apply thick even layers 5 minutes apart until you have reached your optimum level of numbification. Some people only need 2 layers, others may need more due to their body chemistry.


1. Not for use on or around the eyes

2. For those who are quite sensitive to scents, please feel free to reach out to us, as we may have other products better suited to your needs

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Small – 1/2 Ounce, Medium – 1 Ounce, Large -2 Ounce, Giant – 4 Ounce

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Single/Individual Unit, Counter Display Pack