While many companies in the pharmaceutical industry are running out of supplies during the CoViD-19 pandemic, our friends at Numbify saw the possibility and ramped up production much sooner than most. This has left them in the enviable position of having plenty of product to go around. Whether you prefer to buy on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, or directly from the company itself on Numbify.com, you will find that orders are currently shipping at their normal schedule, and none of them are behind.

This is freeing up staff who may have been tied to production to spend more time shipping orders as they come in, allowing Numbify to stay ahead of the curve, while still staying safe and encouraging the self quarantine of any employees who are showing possible symptoms.

In times like this, America shows why it is truly great. It’s not our military, it’s not our capitalist nature, it’s not even Uncle Sam, apple pie or cheeseburgers (maybe bacon cheeseburgers). America is great because when threatened we rise up, not as individuals, but as one mighty nation, and say NO! We will not allow a disease to get the better of us. We will take care of our sick, and fight this virus with all we have, and in the end we will be stronger for it.

Businesses all over the country are implementing emergency plans and social distancing. That is another great thing about Numbify. Since they are entirely virtual, they can safely and efficiently continue to deliver products right to your door with minimal contact.

That’s not the only great thing. Because of how Numbify is formulated, it is one of the safest topicals on the market. With lots that are almost always completely free of microbial growth in testing, Numbify is providing yet another protective measure. We have even heard rumors of an antiseptic product in development right now that will make their products even safer.

So don’t worry, Numbify has got things handled for the moment, and next time you need numbing medication you can rest assured that they have got you covered. So go stock up on toilet paper, top ramen and rice, and let Numbify worry about getting you your products on time, because they’ve got it covered.

Whether you are buying individually, or wholesale for your local tattoo shops, pharmacies, spas or salons, head on over to Numbify.com and check out their great low-cost pricing options. The best part is, if you are thinking about switching to Numbify to keep your supply chain going, they will even send you a free sample of their 2 ounce spray to try yourself so you can rest assured that the product is the best around.

So head on over to Nimbify.com, or give them a call at (877) 906-4806 and get your free sample today.