At Numbify, we are working to provide the best tattoo experience by constantly improving our superior low cost ~ low pain formula and delivery systems. This effort helps us make a highly desired best tattoo product you will want to buy.

We believe when numbing tattoos that there are 2 distinct times when Numbify should be applied to the tattoo area/skin.  First, is prior to the tattoo or pre-tattoo numbing as its called. This is where the  type of numbing solution can be whatever your personal preference is. This time period allows for you to work with any of the wide variety of numbing agents including Creams, Gels, Liquid Gels and Sprays, and Numbify provides them all.


Work by Tattoo Artist Craig Beasley a proud Numbify user.

We believe Numbify provides the very best solution for pre-tattoo work, and we strongly recommend Numbify’s Liquid Gel. Numbify is known for both being the best and strongest tattoo numbing solutions on the market and best of all, it does not affect the skin in any way that could be seen as detrimental during the entire tattoo process. This in and of itself is a great reason to use Numbify as many of the competitions numbing solutions make the skin rubbery or cause even worse effects including increasing pain and bleeding.

The Numbify Liquid Gel has the best numbing penetration, of any of our products, (Gels and especially Liquid Gels have superior skin penetration over creams and lotions) and it is our belief  that Numbify is by far  the strongest numbing product on the market today.  To support our assertion, we have created the Strongest Numbing Challenge which we challenge every and all companies making 5% lidocaine products to a professional third party blind side-by-side test. After a considerable amount of time, we still have not had any takers.

 In short we recommend the Liquid Gel for the pre-tattoo process, as it is one of the very rare numbing products that has the following five outstanding qualities.

1. Improves the skin health and texture for tattooing.

2.  Does not increase the bleeding during tattoos.

3. Strongest Numbing product for tattooing.

4. Formulated from the best quality ingredients, natural whenever possible.

5. Low cost pricing for our loyal clientele

When the skin becomes “Numbified” it allows for a naturally healthier experience, than other skin products combined with lidocaine. Many lidocaine solutions often use cheap fillers, to save money of course, and some of these synthetic man made ingredients can increase bleeding, and change the texture of the skin,  which can cause many issues such that greatly effect the artwork and coloring, some products have even stopped projects from being able to be completed, as the skin is too rubbery and the bleeding won’t stop.

Numbify uses only the best ingredients, for the 95% of the product that isn’t lidocaine, and that is often natural. Of course your skin responds far better to our natural products, especially compared to cheaply made synthetics. Natural  high quality ingredients are why we believe Numbify is the perfect proven solution for a superior pre tattoo numbing experience.


During the Tattoo or Second phase while the tattoo artist is taking micro breaks,  is a great time to use our spray product. Our spray provides a superior delivery system, and it can be applied to managing current and ongoing tattoo pain, with its ability to be applied either before or during a tattoo. Numbify is know for the strongest Sprays in the industry, and its well known that the best often cost less.

Numbify Spray can also be used as a pre tattoo solution, which can save you some money, buying one product. It is widely seen as the strongest numbing spray, as it comes in a simple pump application. Allowing for a a few quick and simple sprays, before and during the tattoo process.  It is also known for not causing bleeding, and provides for a very good solution (using the best and often natural ingredients whenever possible) which is ideal for keeping an outstanding healthy skin and texture.

Maybe this is why:

Tattoo Artist today know the word “Numbified” as:
Low Cost —  Low Pain — Tatttoo’s using Numbify.

At Numbify we are proud to do our duty in providing superior performance products, honest advertising, using natural ingredients when ever possible, keeping our prices low while improving the world that surrounds us.  We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty and intellect, providing a more beautiful healthier world today and for our children of tomorrow, and we couldn’t do it without your support and return business. So with that in mind, thank you for your patronage, and keep up the great work!

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